Effie Awards


Ideas that work

Celebrate the great ideas that achieve real results and the strategy that goes into creating them.

Introduced by the New York American Marketing Association in 1968, the Effie® Awards have since become recognised by advertisers and agencies as the pre-eminent award in the advertising industry. It is now held in 51 countries around the world with 2 regional programmes as well as a global competition.

The Effie Awards honour the most significant achievement in advertising and marketing communications: effectiveness.

The annual awards are presented to recognise the year’s most effective advertising and marketing communications campaigns – campaigns that have delivered superior results in meeting the objectives they were designed to achieve.


Effie stands for a consistent philosophy and rigorous set of practices, built around the demonstrated ability of communications campaigns to achieve marketing goals.

  • Effie is first and foremost an effectiveness award, based upon proven results in the market place. Creative execution is seen as part of the Effie process and is factored into the judgement for an Effie award.
  • Effie's programs bring about the sharing of learning about best practices in marketing effectiveness.
  • A strong international Effie network strengthens all Effie programs. It enables partners to share with each other, with the goal of strengthening and expanding the brand worldwide.


Campaigns need to successfully combine all disciplines that enter into a successful marketing programme: planning, market research, media creative and account management. They must demonstrate a partnership between agency and client in the creation, management and building of a brand.


The Awards are presented in recognition of the year’s most effective advertising campaigns – campaigns that have delivered superior results by meeting or surpassing the objectives they were designed to achieve.

    To create increased confidence that effective advertising generates substantial economic value
    To support a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and originality in all facets of advertising
    To reinforce the importance of precisely measuring the effect(s) of advertising with its audience
    To further understanding throughout the marketing and advertising industry as to how advertising works.
    To raise standards of professionalism in the marketing and advertising industries.
    To celebrate the success of effective marketers and agencies



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